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 Izzy Dizzel

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PostSubject: Izzy Dizzel   Izzy Dizzel Icon_minitimeSat Mar 26, 2011 9:42 pm

Character Name:
Izzy Dizzel

Character Age:

Hometown: Vilko's Electric Breeder Farm just down the road from Violet City.

Starter Pokemon:
Because i was told to choose one that actually evolved twice i chose Pichu... unlike some retards who got Pikachu at the start.
Izzy Dizzel Pichu
Izzy Dizzel Pichu-4
She’s a lively spirit, and does not accept defeat until she’s knocked out. She is a biter to strangers and likes to chew on flowers when she can find them mostly dandelions.

Pokemon Moves:

Job: Trainer (thinking of being a breeder in the future)

Brave and independent capable of caring for herself and her pokemon without much trouble. Her knowledge of caring for hurt pokemon comes from her mother, and her trainer’s spirit from her father. She loves pokemon, and does her best to be the very best. But oddly in situations she shuns her own independence to be compassionate and will put herself second to help others

But when she’s not being calm and in control, she can snap at others especially when she’s tired or trying to figure something hard out. She never yells at her pokemon though, rather she will just grab her shoulder bag and scream into it when no one else is around.

Izzy comes from a trainer father, and a breeder mother. Her father retired from finishing his Pokemon journey early due to an eye injury that made traveling outside nearly impossible and her mother continues to run her family’s ranch with her husband. Her mother’s family is big for electric pokemon, and her father fit into it easily seeing as his main pokemon was a rather large Ampharos named Thor. The rest of his team consisted of a chilled Fearow named Cloud, and a rather rude Haunter named Misery. Her mother ran the ranch most of her life with her family and never had a team of pokemon; she did have one personal pokemon which was a Jolteon who she felt did not need a nickname.

Again due to her father’s failing sight he had to retire, but he doesn’t feel he settled when he married his one love. Despite the pun, their love was electric! They lived happily with their slew of pokemon and the other electric pokemon that live on the ranch outside Violet City. They had one daughter Izzy, and raised her to be independent and brave.

At the age of 11 Izzy wanted to go out on her pokemon adventure but at this point her father had become truly ill, and she pushed her adventure aside to help him and her mother coup. Within the next year her father had completely lost sight in his left eye and the right was slowly following. Her mother tried to encourage Izzy to leave, to enjoy her childhood and not have this be all she remembers, but she refused. It was not until her father told her to go, and a rather rude cheek pinching and pulling by his Haunter did she decide to go. She thought about what starter pokemon she would get, when her mother offered her an egg that was about to hatch, a person had left it behind after picking up their Raichu and said they were free to keep it.

The egg hatched into an adorable Pichu who looked up at her with childish love toward a parent. She named the creature, Twinkle for the light in her eyes and after a few days of travel she reached New Bark town to begin her journey!

Izzy Dizzel CAT
height: 5 feet 4 inches
weight: 100 pounds
eyes: honey
hair: short ginger

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PostSubject: Re: Izzy Dizzel   Izzy Dizzel Icon_minitimeSat Mar 26, 2011 9:48 pm

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Izzy Dizzel
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