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 Akuhei Williams

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PostSubject: Akuhei Williams   Sun Mar 20, 2011 12:29 am

Character Name: Akuhei Williams

Character Age: 12

Starter Pokemon:
Name: Riolu
Level: 5
Attacks: Endure, Foresight, Quick Attack

Job: Going to School

Personality: Nerds were what they used to be called but now they were recognized as Trainers. Akuhei used to be fit in with the nerds because of his appearance but there was more to him than people knew about him. After Pokemon had came out, Akuhei was recognized as a Trainer and wasn't picked on. Akuhei loves to study about Pokemon and there features. It is very important to know about what your opponents Pokemon can do to know how to dodge, attack, and hold off their moves. Libraries were where he was found at when it wasn't his turn to go up and battle in Tournaments. Before he left every city, he would study the environment and sometimes go to local Labs. He loved to go to school because it would expand his mind to learn alot more things than what he had knew. Akuhei keeps a composition book in his hand to record notes about every Trainer, Pokemon, and item he sees or battles. When it came to work, he didn't play around and hated when other people would play around; This made him very angry. He also hated to be teased. It was the one thing that pushed him to his limit.

Background: A Baby was born on the date of January 6, 1999. He was named Akuhei Williams. His father, and his mother were both Trainers around the time he was born. Because of that, it was his future to be a trainer. His mother wasn't that good at being a Pokemon Trainer but his father was a star and was undefeated. His father had achieved all badges. It was amazing. But one day a man had challenged him to a Pokemon battle and they battled for over a hour. It was a very intense battle but the man came out over top of Akuhei's father. His father stopped playing Pokemon and even quit. He became a person that sat on his chair every day, thinking about that battle. Akuhei's father was very depressed. At the age of 10, Akuhei had become a nerd. His whole appearance looked like one to. He had the glasses, and the pants of one. Akuhei was the quiet, and shy one at first. He sat in his bed doing nothing until a man showed him the ways of Pokemon because they knew the kid could be a legend; He was the son of a legend. After learning how to play Pokemon, he caught the Pokemon named Riolu. They became best friends and promised to beat anybody in their way.

Appearance: Akuhei hair was black, messy and spiky. His mom had said always to comb it but Akuhei didn't want to. He loved the way of it being very messy. His eye color was a light blue with a pitch of green. It was a awkward color. Akuhei wears glasses as well because of his vision, and all the reading he does. His shirt is a white tee with a black tie. Akuhei's pants are black, and his shoes are black as well. On his pants is a belt to help keep them up. His mom had got him large sized pants. Akuhei was heated with his mom.
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PostSubject: Re: Akuhei Williams   Sun Mar 20, 2011 12:32 am

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PostSubject: Re: Akuhei Williams   Wed Aug 03, 2011 6:41 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Akuhei Williams   

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Akuhei Williams
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