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 In the medium grass

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PostSubject: In the medium grass   Sat Mar 26, 2011 8:19 pm

Shaunic wanted just one more pokemon before he starts training. A Tepig. He then saw something move in the leaves. A Tepig came out ready to fight. Shaunic looked at him and said "Go charmander!" Shaunic threw his pokeball to the ground and Charmander came out. "Charmander use Scratch!" Charmander ran to Tepig and did scratch. Tepig took about five hits of that then finally jumped back. Shaunic figured this pokemon was good at dodging. So he made charmander return. Shaunic figured out Chimchar don't want to go back in his pokeball so Chimchar alwas stay out of his pokeball and be on his shoulder. Shaunic looked at Chimchar and said "Are you ready?" Chimchar jumped off of Shaunics Shoulder. "chimchar use Blaze!" He said. Chimchar did. "Now use Scratch!" Chimchar did. It was a critical hit. Shaunic then threw his pokeball and it caught tegpi. Shaunic knew it was a girl. Rare there is barley any girl Tepig's. He then walked of with chimchar on his shoulder.
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PostSubject: Re: In the medium grass   Sat Mar 26, 2011 9:10 pm

- If you are wandering around for wild Pokemon, you encounter:
1 per 3 posts in short grass
2 per 3 posts in tall grass
3 per 3 posts in very tall grass
1 per 3 posts anywhere else, e.g: Inside Buildings.
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In the medium grass
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