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 Katsuya's Adventures - #2

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PostSubject: Katsuya's Adventures - #2   Katsuya's Adventures - #2 Icon_minitimeSat Mar 26, 2011 7:02 pm

Katsuya had just caught Turtwig, and he is all rested up at the moment. She's still on Route 201, as she hopes to catch her first three pokemon here, as this one would be the last. Katsuya wasn't sure what Pokemon she would come up with, but she needed one fast. She was traveling on the road when she met another trainer, whos name apparently was Ken. "Hi!" Ken shouted. "Hello" Katsuya responded. "What you doin in de'z taypes of puarts?" Ken asked, apparently having a country accent. "Ahh, nothing, I'm just trying to catch a Pokemon." Katsuya responded. "Wail, Ah Caould haelp you with daet." Ken said. "No thanks, I would like to do this by myself." Katsuya denied Ken with his help and made him sad. Katsuya continued her journey on Route 201. She kept on going and going until she saw another rustle in the woods this time. She ran towards the area where the grass was rustling. The pokemon seemed to be a fast one, and appeared to be a fire pokemon too. "Piplup, get ready for battle." Katsuya quietly said to herself and Piplup.

The Pokemon kept on running, as Katsuya did. They kept running and running until Katsuya found herself in the grass again, but this time it was taller. They continued to run where the Pokemon ran behind a tree, as Katsuya quickly stopped. "Piplup, get outta here!" Katsuya said with such passion. Piplup came out, as she was battle ready. She picked Piplup and as they dashed towards the other corner. The Pokemon turned around, as it seemed to have a wolf type appearance. It was on all fours, as this confused Katsuya, not because it was on all fours, but it seemed as if she's seen this pokemon before. She pulled out her Pokedex and took another picture of the Pokemon, there were all of the Pokemon in that region as she selected Sinnoh. The Pokedex said "This Pokemon is called Growlithe. It is a fire type pokemon and is very obedient. It protects its land and waits for orders of its boss. "Alright lets do this Piplup!" Katsuya said once again with passion. "Lets do a Pound move!" She said.

Piplup, after its master telling her what to do, charged at the Growlithe, as it seemed as if she could ride on him almost. Piplup pounded Growlithe, as it wasn't expecting this Pokemon named Piplup to do so well. Growlithe took the fast hit, but he was still stronger. He did a growl, similar to Turtwigs growl, it seemed as if all the Pokemon had a similar language for attacking when they were wild and not owned. "Piplup, Pound!" Katsuya commanded. Piplup charged towards Growlithe, as Growlithe sidestepped and bit Piplup on the cheek. "Turtwig, Attack!" As she released Turtwig out of the Pokeball, ready to fight. Piplup fell back as Turtwig was battle ready. Katsuya knew that Turtwig was a Grass type and Growlithe was a Fire type, but she knew that he couldn't do any more techniques until Level 6. Piplup got back up slowly still able to fight. "Piplup, Pound one last time, Turtwig, tackle from the side!!!" Katsuya ordered the two Pokemon. Growlithe got scared, but could not let this happen. Growlithe Growled his hardest, as the two pokemon got a tad bit frightened, as it wouldn't knock him out, but hurt him dangerously. Growlithe did this for protection because he knew his limits which was good. He knew that he could not dodge the two Pokemon, and if he took the blow, he would be knocked out. So he used a Growl to slightly un damage their damage. He took the two blows, as he was dangerously hurt. Katsuya wasted no time and threw a pokeball at him, as he was easily caught. Katsuya took his pokeball and left the Route of 201.

(Growlithe - Captured! - Level 4)
(Piplup - 2/2 - Level up! - Level 6)
(Turtwig - 1/2)
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Katsuya's Adventures - #2
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