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 Katsuya and Piplup - Adventure #1

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Katsuya and Piplup - Adventure #1 Empty
PostSubject: Katsuya and Piplup - Adventure #1   Katsuya and Piplup - Adventure #1 Icon_minitimeSat Mar 26, 2011 5:51 pm

Katsuya had just left the Proffessor's office building and headed down to Twinleaf Town. She had arrived there and found herself on Route number 201. This had been the route where dozens of trainers mainly go to catch their first easy pokemon, or their next companion to come along with their starter pokemon. In this case, Katsuya had started out with Pinplup, and wanted a Grass Pokemon, which would be a good combo between since they're 1/2 and 1/2 with eachother when it comes to battling, so they couldn't do serious damage if they ever got in to a farkas with eachother. She looked to the right as she saw a little rustle of grass in the middle of the field. She ran through the medium sized grass and she tripped. There was a little turtle shaped thing with a shell, you couldn't really define it because you couldn't see the face. Katsuya ran towards where the little turtle like thing was running, and it turned in to a road, as they were back out in the route. She looked at the Pokemon as it turned around.

The Pokemon turned around and stared at her, as Piplup was not out of her ball yet, but she was ready to fight. She took her pokeball out of her wrist socket, that held her pokeball and stared at the ball. (Alright, so how do you work these things). Katsuya thought. She clicked the white button the center as a white little strip of white light came out of the Pokeball, as it astonished the young pokemon trainer. Piplup came out, ready for action, as it stood there with a battle ready face, ready for action. "Piplup, stand down, just for one second, let me check my Pokedex." Katsuya said, hoping to chill Piplup out for just a quick second. She whipped out the Pokedex that Proffessor had given her, and looked at the Pokemon. The Pokedex said "Turtwig, a Grass Pokemon. It loves to play and is very friendly. The Turtwig Pokemon is very battle ready at all times when about to face an opponent." Katsuya laughed at how cute the Pokemon world was. "Ok, lets go! Turtwig, I will capture you!" She said with determination.

Katsuya and Piplup got in their battle stance, as they were ready to face their opponent. "Piplup! Lets start out with a scratch move!" Katsuya commanded. Piplup nodded his head and ran towards the Turtwig, the Turtwig put his foot down to stand guard. Turtwig growled as he responded with a defensive manuever named Withdraw. Turtwig gained defense, as Piplup and him collided, as Turtwig still took more damage then Piplup did. "Piplup, scratch fast enough so he doesn't expect it!" Katsuya encouraged. Piplup agreed and Scratched Turtwig right in the face, making him fall back because he didn't expect the move. Turtwig fell back, as he was hurt everywhere. Turtwig got up and growled once more, as he looked as if he was going to Tackle. Turtwig charged towards Piplup, as she knew what to do, and waited for her Trainer's next move. "Dodge it!" Katsuya yelled as she was able to do it in time. Piplup quickly manuevered to the left, making Turtwig fall and roll over on the ground. Turtwig was bruised as his eyes were half closed because of the attacks. Katsuya took out her Pokeball and set it down at Turtwig, not meaning to do too much damage. She left the Pokeball capture Turtwig, as it beat once. Then the Pokeball beat twice. The Pokeball finished off with a third beat, as it clicked, and Turtwig was captured. Katsuya put the Pokeball in to her left Pokeball holder socket, located on her hand Pokeball holder Gloves, as it clicked in. (Wow, so this is how you catch a Pokemon.) Katsuya thought.

(Level 4 Turtwig. Caught!)

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Katsuya and Piplup - Adventure #1
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