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 Kira's walk through the woods

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Kira Yagami

Kira Yagami

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Kira's walk through the woods  Empty
PostSubject: Kira's walk through the woods    Kira's walk through the woods  Icon_minitimeSun Mar 20, 2011 4:49 pm

Kira walks through the low grass on the hunt for a Starly, he had seen them before and found then to look very relaxing, He searches through the grass to no avail, he walks into a wooded area and realizes this would be the better place to look. Kira sighs a little as he walks through the forest. The light breaks through canopy. As the grass grows up to Kira's thighs he notices something out of the corner of his eye. It is a starly. Kira pops out his pokedex and points it at the pokemon which it instantly identifies as a starly. Kira smiles a little and throws a red and white pokeball, in the ball was his first pokemon and dear friend scyther.

Kira smiles as the bladed bug appears in a white flash, The starly looks at the scyther and and dives at it, using areial ace. As the bird impacts , syther jumps into the sky and flys at it, using wing attack. The bird groans slightly and retaliates with a wing attack of it's own. Scyther clumsily doges and uses agility to cut the bird, knocking it down towards the earth. The bird lands and as scyther lands, Kira cooly says "use double team". A circle of scythers surround the bird and it tries to hit one, but it vanishes and the real scyther jumps forward as Kira says "quick attack" and strikes the bird again. By now the bird was feeling weak and over powered so in a final desperation attack, strikes at scyther with another wing attack but misses, hitting a tree instead. Kira smiles as he draws a miniature ball that grows in his hand. Kira watches as it twitches a few times and then hears the locking sound and walks over, picking it up knowing that he had just caught a starly.

Kira then walks to an area with some smaller grass and sets up camp, making food for him and his new pokemon.

(caught starly level 3)
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Kira's walk through the woods
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