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 Tama Leaves Home~

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Tama Leaves Home~ Empty
PostSubject: Tama Leaves Home~   Tama Leaves Home~ Icon_minitimeSun Mar 20, 2011 2:30 pm

"About time i got a call from a pokemon expert!" Tama said hanging up the phone after getting call form professor. It wasn't long until Tama got everything ready for his trip to Twinlief to meet this professor and get his first Pokemon trainer mission.
Tama quickly grabbed backpack throwing it on shoulders and right before door he grabbed his first pokeball which contained his pokemon - Pikachu. Running out of room Tama turned around dropping the pokeball in backpack that wasn't closed and then slid hand in pocket taking out keys. He locked the door and then didn't waste anymore time and ran out of home's door waving back at mother and father: "Good-bye!"
While running, Tama quickly took backpack off back and zipped it closed putting it back on back again.
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Tama Leaves Home~
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