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 Courtney Ikari

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PostSubject: Courtney Ikari   Courtney Ikari Icon_minitimeWed Jul 27, 2011 1:40 am

Character Name: Courtney Ikari

Character Age: 14

Starter Pokemon: Charmander
Pokemon Moves: Scratch, Growl

Job: Trainer/Coordinator

Personality: Courtney is kind and loving, especially towards pokemon. She tends to be quiet and reserved. Courtney also tends to be shy when she meets/is talking to some one she doesn't know, though sometimes she gets over her shyness. Courtney hates to talk about her past or really about herself. She will go to extreme lengths to make sure her friends/pokemon are safe/okay.

Background:Courtney grew up in a mostly normal family, living only with her mother since her father had left when she was born, and being an only child, got lonely. So when Courtney got really lonely, she would go and visit the Pokemon, helping nurse joy with taking care of the pokemon. When Courtney was nine she fell into a slight coma, in an accident while out in the forest with the wild pokemon, which lasted two years. When she was eleven she got her starter pokemon, not from the lab but a pokemon she had befriended when she was younger. That pokemon being her charmander.

When Courtney was thirteen and had just come back from her journey (though it wasn't really a journey, more like just wandering around), she found out that her mother had become terribly ill and was in the hospital. A few weeks later, her mother passed away, leaving only a silver heart necklace for Courtney.

Appearance: Courtney has light dirty blonde hair that reaches a little below her shoulders and piercing red eyes. She is normal height and skinny. Courtney usually wears a red halter top, a black min-skirt with black short shorts under neath, and black ballet flats. She also wears a silver heart necklace that her mother gave to her before she passed away. Courtney also carries with her an over the shoulder black, slightly blue and purple bag. (One of those sling backpacks, like Paul's from the anime, but a little smaller).
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PostSubject: Re: Courtney Ikari   Courtney Ikari Icon_minitimeWed Jul 27, 2011 1:05 pm

WAIT! NOT Approved.
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Courtney Ikari
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