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 Team Varivon

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PostSubject: Team Varivon   Team Varivon Icon_minitimeWed Jul 20, 2011 8:59 am

Team Varivon

"We live to protect and fight for pokemon,
We are called team Varivon,
Careing for them, healing them to,
Which not many people bother to do,
We also catch, battle and play,
Always care for pokemon we say"

We, team Varivon, live to fight and defend pokemon. We deticate our lives to bring in poor, unwell, sick pokemon- Bulbasor Weedle Sparrow Squirtle Geodude . Even the ones most people dont like- Magikarp


Boss- IceMew

Part-Boss- space avalible

Under-ground workers: We work in a giant space underground, caring and nersing pokemon. 15 spaces avalible
Scouts: We scout out in groups of about 3 to 15, searching for water and food for the pokemon we look after. 20 spaces avalible
P-Scouts: We search in large numbers for injured pokemon. 35 spaces avalible
If you want to "join" fill out this here...um....thing:

Name (your character name):__________
Positian wanted:_____________
If that positian is taken:_________
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PostSubject: Re: Team Varivon   Team Varivon Icon_minitimeTue Jul 26, 2011 8:30 pm

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Team Varivon
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