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 Gible Meets Piplup.

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Gible Meets Piplup. Empty
PostSubject: Gible Meets Piplup.   Gible Meets Piplup. Icon_minitimeSat Apr 23, 2011 3:44 pm

Timmy was casually walking to the next location, thinking to himself 'Maybe I should capture a water type Pokemon, but where can i find one in a place like this. ' He carried on walking, this time of day he was letting Gible rest in it's poke-ball. Timmy spotted what seemed like a small river or lake and decided to approach it. Careless as he was he decided to take a shortcut through the tall grass forgetting Pokemon hide in such places. It seemed like his lucky day, they were no Pokemon. He soon spotted what seemed like a round headed blue object, which was still. Could it be a Pokemon? He watched it carefully, he decided to try take out his Pokedex quietly so he wouldn't scare it away. " Piplup, a water type Penguin like Pokemon. A skilled swimmer. " Timmy read from his Pokedex. " Today's my lucky day!" Timmy let off a light roar in his mind.

A light grow came out Timmy's pocket, Gible had stopped resting and was currently aware what was happening. "GIBLE!" Gible roared, It knew that this Piplup wouldn't back down from a fight. It Got into the dragon battle stance, ready to sneak-attack. The Piplup quickly turned around, to see what was happening behind it. It was drinking some water from the river and was quite curious. "Pip?" the Piplup wandered. It didn't seem like the battle-type pokemon. Even if it did attack it would only be able to do half the damage it normally does considering that Gible was a dragon type pokemon. " Gible start simple, Sand-Attack! " Gible dug its feet into the ground preparing the attack. It hurled a sand-attack. Hoping to catch Piplup off it's guard.

This piplup was more than battle ready, it dodged Gible's Sand-attack with ease. Piplup un-leashed a loud roar. " Gible, show him your Quality & POWER!" Timmy shouted. While the piplup just about finished it's roar. The Gible charged directly at him, his speed would makes his attack more effective. Gible got a direct hit on the Piplup, whilst uisng tackle. The Piplup rolled backwards into grass. It soon got-up once again, Holding onto it's head with one arm. It hit something on it's roll backwards. " Gible attack again , whilst it's slightly off balance from our last attack. " Gible charged once again at the Piplup, he was going to attempt another tackle which would put an end to this battle. Piplup shook his head and saw the incoming attack, it also began to charge at it's opponent. Both Gible and Piplup collided with each other. It made a huge bang noise, from the impact. Timmy couldn't see what had happened, shortly afterwards he finally saw that Piplup pounded Gible but Gible's attack was stronger causing the Piplup to become dazed. Timmy quickly reached into his pocket, getting a poke-ball. He threw the pokeball at Piplup's head, The wild piplup fell backwards into the short-grass still dazed. A red-glow came out of the poke-ball, causing Piplup to go within the poke-ball it glowed. Shaking left and right, then finally it stopped. Timmy and Gible Captured a Level 4 wild Piplup!

( Piplup l Level 4 Captured )

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Gible Meets Piplup.
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