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 Capturing A shiny pony

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PostSubject: Capturing A shiny pony   Capturing A shiny pony Icon_minitimeSun Apr 03, 2011 6:20 pm

Even though this area out leveled him in strength he he had the advantage that the creature he was hunting was the same element as his pokemon. That meant as long as he stuck to a plan and attacked continusly he had a chance of putting the creature into the red. It was only a chance but he wanted a ponyta so badly.

He found the herd that he was supposed to be tracking the ponyta’s were unique animals but the one that he wanted was just a new born by the looks of it lagging behined the rest of the group it was unique even among its kind. Its main of fire was blue meaning that one day this little guy would become the alpha horse or something along those lines he didn’t really understand it.but what he did understand is that he wanted it.

It was still young and there for lagged behined the pack he just needed a way to cut it off. He pulled out his pokeball and threw vulpix onto the field. the burst of light reviled flandra who immediately gave a dark glare towards his trainer. Why was it all his female pokemon hated him?

Masorin gave the order and cut the young horse off from the herd “Vulpix ember!” he said in a low tone the attack wasn’t vary effective as the shower of sparks did vary little damadge to the new born ponyta. It growled in a low voice lowering Vulpix’s attack power Masorin smiled he may have over estimated the level if this horse really was young then it could be fair gain.

The battle persisted with vulpix continuing to use ember and weakening the young ponyta only slightly as it tackled the smaller creature. He was right by the looks of the damadge they were around the same level. “Vulpix keep up the good work… I want it alive.”

Masorin felt kind of sad having to do this to such a lovely creature. But he kept up the attacks finally it was coming to a close the young ponyta was having trouble standing and vulpix was hurt badly it was now or never. “Come on pokebal!” he threw the ball as it landed with a dull thud against the ponyta. He was hopping it was hurt badly enough that it wouldn’t resist.

The first shake was good then the second there was a slight pause before the third wobble. Masorin could taste his own sweat the anticipation was killing him this was always the worst part about being a trainer. Hell this part was probably why so many trainers died young screw groups like team rocket capturing pokemon was the real killer. the click finally happened and Masorin breathed in. he could rest easier now knowing that he had, a shiny ponyta. “its over.” he said as he collapsed slightly. Grabbing the pokeball. That was another fire type down in his bags. Now he just needed to find a pokemon center. “What to call you.” he said as he pulled out his permanent marker. That would be a topic for another day.
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Capturing A shiny pony
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